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Turbo Love
Personal Project


Olivia, an aspiring love couch guru, creates a Youtube tutorial about Turbo Love which is a computer software promising full control over one's love life. Soon, things spiral out of control, both in the virtual and real worlds.

A depiction of a girl falling into a digital black hole surrounded by error windows, scary emojis, and various digital junk.

Director: Alicja Jasina

Executive Producer: Mateusz Romanowicz

Script, Design, Animation, Compositing: Alicja Jasina

Cast: Dominika Kachlik & Juliusz Godzina

Photography in live-action part: Filip Gonciarek & Michał Targoński

Music: Filip Kuncewicz

Sounds Design: Jan Turżański

Light: Antoni Gonciarek

Make-Up: Anna Dobrowolska

Color Correction: Szymon Ronowicz

Produced by Studio Rondo, Studio Munka, Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

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